Gardening Tips: Window Box Planters


So, you like the look of window box planters and want to incorporate them into your apartment? While it’s not rocket science, many beginner gardeners encounter difficulties. These gardening tips will give you the information you need in order to achieve a successful window planter box.

Window Locale and Sunlight Requirements

Before deciding which plants to buy, you need to make a decision on which window the planter will sit. The location where you attach the box is going to feature the same general quality of light throughout the growing season. North-facing windows will generally have the most shade with a little sun either in the morning or afternoon. East-facing windows boxes will likely feature morning sun and afternoon shade, while west-facing windows will have more morning shade and afternoon sun.

Different plants have different sunlight requirements. Many blooming plants require full sun, which is about six-plus hours at a time. Flowers that require partial shade often prefer morning sun to afternoon because it’s less intense. As you’re picking out your flowers, keep this information in mind.

Water Requirements

Every plant prefers a specific water and soil balance to grow fully. Plants that like moist soil, like fuchsia, must be watered frequently in order to remain healthy. In the heat of summer, fuchsia flowers are best watered in small doses daily. Gazanias prefer a dryer soil; once per week should be enough to keep the plant healthy and beautiful.

The material of your window box will help contribute to the water retention of the soil. Wooden planter boxes will leak water through the bottom and sides, causing the soil inside to dry quickly. In hot weather, soil in a wooden planter box may dry within a few days.

Plastic planter boxes on the other hand tend to hold water near the bottom of the planter for several days. Be careful not to overwater the plants, as too much water can have the same effects as not enough.

Configuring Your Plants

Many gardeners like the look of flowers that spill over the side of the window box, creating the appearance of lush abundance. Growing several different types of plants in the same box can have this effect as well. If you choose several different plants for one box, remember to combine plants that have similar watering and sunlight needs.




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