Quick Cleaning Tricks


What was that? Your parents are coming in to town for a surprise visit? Don’t panic! Just get cleaning – and do it fast! Here are some cleaning tips to help when you’re in a bind:

Out goes the clutter

Sure, you’ve gotten use to all those bills, magazines and pens piled high on the coffee table. It’s so bad that you’re at a point where you don’t notice it anymore. Examine each room carefully and check out all the surfaces, including countertops, tables and floors. Remove clutter by putting it where it belongs. And if it doesn’t belong anywhere, toss it immediately.


You can finally see the surface of your coffee table, but it’s filthy! Dust all surfaces that are visible to your guests first before dusting anything else.

Give a quick wipe down

The total disinfection of your kitchen and bathroom isn’t going to happen today, but you need to get those crumbs off the counter and the little stray hairs out of the bathroom sink. Use a rag and bottle of all-purpose cleaner. Pay close attention to the faucets of your kitchen and bathroom sink; blotches of old toothpaste and water stains may gross out your guests (a.k.a mom & dad).

Hide what you can’t clean

Keep the shower curtain closed and shut doors to all rooms in the apartment.


Like the coffee table covered in clutter, you’ve gotten used to the dust bunnies you see every day in the hallway. You’re hardly aware they’re even there–but they are. Pay particular attention to the corners of rooms and the space behind your bathroom door.

Fluff the pillows

Look at your couch. The pillows on the arms of the couch are molded to fit perfectly around the curve of your back, but there’s an indentation in your favorite spot…where you always sit. Fluff and rearrange the pillows, flipping them over if need be. Drape a blanket over the arm of the couch to hide that stain you’ve been meaning to treat.

Create the illusion of clean

Burn a scented candle or two in different places around your home.

Now for the finishing touches

Now that you’ve gotten the worst of it out of the way, do a quick spot check of each room. Find at least one thing you can do to improve the appearance of each room. Straighten the comforter on your bed or pick the dead leaves off your house plant. These little tasks can go a long way.

Source: http://www.apartments.com/blog/quick-cleaning-tricks


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