Recycling Tips for a Greener Lifestyle


Living a green lifestyle has become almost fashionable these days. So why is it that even after reusable shopping bags and compost piles is it still so difficult to get people to recycle? For some, the reason is that recycling isn’t convenient in a lot of areas. Others are convinced their efforts don’t really make much of a difference.

To stay informed about recycling in the U.S., below are some stats on recycling tips so you can make the world (or at least your apartment community) a cleaner, greener place for all!

1. Problem: According to the EPA, 75% of solid waste is recyclable but only 30 percent is actually recycled.

Solution: When it comes to recycling, knowledge is power. If three-quarters of solid waste is in fact recyclable as reported, then that means most household items can be recycled. We all know that plastic bottles and bags, paper products are recyclable – but did you know that batteries, carpet and anti-freeze are too? Here are some other items that can be recycled you may not have known about.

2. Problem: 89 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used each year in the U.S.

Solution: Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to the waste problem in the U.S. and yet, it’s also one of the easiest to fix. In fact, states like California have even outlawed plastic bags in certain stores and opting for paper or reusable alternatives. Reusable bags cost pennies – and you can keep them in your car for when you run to the grocery store. It’s a more eco-friendly option for sure and they tend to carry more stuff than typical plastic bags.

Recycling in the U.S. saves the carbon equivalent of removing 36 million cars from the road. Carpooling helps a lot, but you know what helps more? Recycling plastic bottles. Even though there are certainly more prevalent sources of waste and pollution, it’s a fallacy to believe that recycling doesn’t do much to help the planet. Do what you can, because every little bit helps tremendously. Ask your community manager about implementing recycling in your community if you don’t already have it.

Mother Earth will thank you for reducing your carbon footprint.




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