Decorating on a Budget


Moving can take quite the toll on your budget. After all the cash you had to give for deposits, moving boxes, moving van and cable installation, your decorating allowance is probably very small. Instead of waiting weeks to save up enough for brand new décor, these ideas below will help you bring life into your new space for way less than you’d imagine.

Design Basics

Never pay full price for your décor! Start by going to garage sales, antique malls, flea markets and resale shops for one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your apartment! You can find beautiful console tables, candlesticks, floral arrangements and so much more in a variety of styles.

Paint produces the most dramatic change to a room for the least amount of money. Ask your landlord if it’s okay for you to paint the inside of your home. Your landlord may request to see the color options and require the color be reversed back at the end of your lease. Once you get permission, begin painting!

Main Living Space

Choose furnishings that are more about function than form. A cluttered room never looks good, so keep it simple. Look for a table with drawers and foot rests, or side tables that open up for storage.

Pick a central focal point other than the television. Don’t feel obligated to push furniture against the wall to create space; sometimes this creates a dysfunctional walking area which is no good either. If you’re up to it, create a smaller central area for a cozier, more intimate setting.

Make your own window coverings and drapes, by purchasing a stunning fabric from your local hobby store.

Pick out a few simple pieces that you really enjoy and add them to the room to let your personality show. A simple centerpiece on your coffee table or mantle can add alot more sophistication than a dozen cluttered pieces.

Use three-way bulbs to create pools of warm lighting around the living or family room. These bulbs create both bright light and soft light when you need it.

The Kitchen

Try updating your small appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster. Choose a similar style and color so everything comes together.

Store the bread and fruit in fun, attractive counter baskets and bins.

Remove kitchen clutter by reducing kitchen duplicates you don’t really need. Is it necessary to have 6 spatulas in an apartment kitchen?  I don’t think so.

Pick up matching soap dispensers, towels and pot holders to personalize your space.

A small counter lamp can add a soft glow to the room.

Purchase or design your own decorative oil/vinegar bottles to accent the kitchen.

Window in the kitchen? Add a valence for a pop of color!

The Bedroom

Dress up your bed by adding a cool headboard, bed skirt and duvet cover. You can create a bargain headboard by purchasing a section of fencing at a flea market.

Hang plant hooks or bicycle hooks from the ceiling to hang window coverings. Add garland or string of lights to the top of the window frame for a romantic look.

Grouping candles together in odd numbers and varying sizes is a great way to add elegance to a dresser or table.

Adding mirrors will make a small room look larger.

Avoid cluttering your shelves with tons of tiny knick-knacks. Choose a select few of your favorites and arrange them how you like.

The Bathroom

If you have a tub, adding a cool shower curtain can instantly make it pop. For those with only showers, unique bath towels and mats can do the trick.

Hang ivy floral accents around your mirror.

Houseplants can turn a dull bathroom into a lush oasis.

Display towels and toiletries in a large basket, and then arrange them creatively.


PS. What tips can you implement right now?



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