DIY Holiday Decorations


If you’re resolving to actually make all those crafts you’ve pinned on Pinterest, why not start before the New Year? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus, the holiday season is a great time to test out some new projects while getting into the spirit of the season.

Here are four projects that even the novice crafter can handle with ease:

Festive window display

If you don’t want to deal with getting and decorating a tree but still want some holiday cheer in your place, try your hand at this easy window display. All you need is a dowel rod (even an existing curtain rod will work), decorative ribbon or string, and any kind of ornaments you like. Cut the ribbon to various lengths and tie them to the rod about six inches apart. Then, tie one ornament to each end and voila, you’re done! If you are ambitious, you can decorate the rod itself with garland, ribbon and an oversize bow. Use blue and silver ornaments for Hanukkah or to keep this display appropriate through New Year’s.

Christmas tree skirt

Yes, you can buy beautiful tree skirts already made and ready to go. But what fun is that? Get a one-of-a-kind look – and save some cash in the process – by making your own. All you need is a piece of felt at least as wide as the base of your tree. Cut it into a circle (it’s OK if it’s not perfect) and cut a large round hole in the middle. On one side, cut a straight line from the middle to the end and attach a few pieces of Velcro so you can easily take the skirt on and off. Now comes the best part – decorate it with snowflakes made out of glitter and glue, make snowmen out of cotton balls or use stencils to paint a holiday scene.

Wreaths and garlands

After you’ve pruned your tree, don’t throw those extra branches away. Use them to fashion a beautiful – and beautiful-smelling – holiday wreath or garland. To get the best wreath shape, buy a pre-made wreath form to wrap your branches around, and secure them with florist’s wire or even twisty ties. For a garland or centerpiece, just gather the branches in any shape you like and attach them with the wire. Then, load up on decorative elements from the craft store, like glittery pinecones, feathery birds, shiny spheres, fake cranberries, bows and ribbons galore. Then display your masterpiece proudly above the mantle, on the front door or in the middle of the dining room table.

Candy candles

Get a head start on another resolution and use all that holiday candy as decoration instead. Buy a few plain pillar candles (often available in the clearance section) and a bag of peppermints or candy canes. Then, start gluing! You can cover the entire candle in round peppermints, or use the straight part of the candy canes to create a striped effect. Classic red and white is only one option – these candies come in every color of the rainbow.



PS. Tell us, what is your idea for this Christmas?




2 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Decorations

  1. Where do you celebrate Christmas? I have 5″ thick glass candle holders with glass on the 10 foot table and the window sills with greenery and lights and the only lights on with the tree and it is so beautiful and I truly feel so blessed!\


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