Spruce Up Your Space: 10 Easy Weekend DIY Projects

Have you ever watched a show on TV and thought, “Man, I’d like to have that coffee table in my living room.”? Or maybe you’ve browsed Etsy and became inspired to create your own decorative pieces based on what you found online? Making your ownapartment décor can save you a lot of money, and you can create those pieces to match your own unique style. A DIY project is always on the horizon for me, what about you?

Here are 10 DIY projects to try this weekend:

1. Ironing Board Cover: Maybe the reason you’ve had that pile of clothes on the floor for so long (instead of hanging up in the closet where they belong) is because you have not been motivated to do the ironing. A cute, new ironing board cover might change that. Check out the tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

2. Instagram Picture Heart Display: Talk about an apartment-friendly project – no nails and hammering required for this portrait. Scroll through your pictures and select a few to get developed. After that, display your pictures on the wall in a heart (or any other design) using removable mounting adhesive. For more details, A Beautiful Mess blog has you covered.

3. Woven Rope Basket: Baskets are the key to corralling mail, toiletries and toys in one place. This is the perfect project to tackle while binge watching Netflix’s Stranger Things. Click here for the guide.

4. Hand-Dipped Stirring Utensils: It can be difficult to add color in an apartment kitchen, unless a unique backsplash is already in place or you’re allowed to paint. Hand-dipped stirring utensils can take a space from blah to wow in an instant. See how Earnest Home Co. makes theirs.

5. Napkin Pillows: Throw pillows are a great way to add color and texture to your apartment. I adore this tutorial by Nalle’s House, because it makes use of cloth napkins in lieu of large fabric rolls. Check home décor retailers for cloth napkins with cute patterns at great prices.

6. Floor Pouf: Never heard of a floor pouf? Think of it as a coffee table combined with a bean bag chair. Floor poufs are easy to create, as long as you have a sewing machine handy. Addison Meadows Lane has a step-by-step guide to creating your own floor pouf.

7. Pom-Pom Garlands: These pom-pom garlands look great draped over a window treatment, fireplace mantle and mirrors. They also tie in beautifully as wall decoration in a baby’s nursery. You can find the tutorial here.

8. Succulent Gardens: Succulents are incredibly easy to care for, even for those that aren’t blessed with a green thumb. A little succulent garden is a wonderful way to introduce some greenery into the apartment. Den Garden has multiple ideas for potting succulents – my favorite is using vintage teacups from thrift shops.

9. Pallet Coffee Mug Display: If you like using power tools, then this project is for you! It’s also an excellent DIY project for making room inside your cabinets for other items. The One Little Bird Blog explains how this unique coffee mug display is created.

10. Tree Stump Side Table: This might literally be one of the easiest DIY projects ever. Find a tree stump and spray paint it any color you desire. Once it’s dry, top the stump with a fitted mirror. See here for complete details.

Source: http://www.apartments.com/blog/spruce-up-your-space-10-easy-weekend-diy-projects?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ls_weekly&frontdoor=email


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