Easy Ways to Help the Environment in Your Apartment

Living in an apartment is a lifestyle all its own, but many renters also choose to “go green” in their home as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. By living green, you not only help save the planet, you save money. Renters don’t have to resort to extreme measures, like living off the grid and collecting rain water for drinking, to preserve the planet. There are simple, easy ways renters can help. Here are a few you can do right now:

Go paperless for all your bills.

This is an easy way for you to reduce the amount of paper being used every day. Most banks, utility companies and credit bureaus give their customers the option of paperless billing – which means you’ll only receive bills through email alerts. Since all of your history will be online, you can easily reference transactions whenever you need to.

Keep windows covered.

As great as natural light is, keeping the blinds open during the summer is a good way to warm up the space, causing the electric bills to jump since the AC is working overtime to cool the home. On the contrary, feel free to open all of the window treatments to let light in during the winter, as this will help lower the gas bill.

Power strips are great for minimizing electronics’ energy usage.

Electronics that are turned off but never unplugged are one of the biggest sources of energy consumption, aka “vampire electronics.” Yes, it’s a huge inconvenience to unplug every item in the house before you leave for work. Make it easier on yourself (and your wallet) by adding power strips throughout the apartment. Simply flip the switch to the “off” position before leaving, and then turn back on when ready to use the gadgets and appliances.

Don’t forget to recycle those recyclables.

Recycling is a very simple way to help save the planet. Get two trashcans and mark one of them with an “R” for recycling. Most apartment complexes have both trash and recycle bins for discarding waste, but if your community does not have recycling, talk to the property manager about adding it.

What other things have you done to reduce your carbon footprint? Tell us in the comment section!

Source: http://www.apartments.com/blog/easy-ways-to-help-the-environment-in-your-apartment?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ls_weekly&frontdoor=email


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