15 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Relax and enjoy the scenery on the beautiful balcony/patio you decorated yourself. Here are 15 DIY projects you can do for your outdoor space:

1. Make your own citronella candles to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Try using a mason jar to create your candle.

2. Made with a few basic supplies, twinkle lantern lights is the perfect way to romanticize your space. They look pretty wrapped around the railing or strung around the doorway.

3. In need of a patio table? Whip one up by combining a whiskey barrel and a glass table topper. Both items can be found at home improvement stores.

4. Green up your outdoor space with a vertical plant display. Fill the pots with succulents and you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to keep alive.

5. Turn basalite concrete blocks into planter boxes. Give it a pop of color by painting the inside.

6. Add outdoor window treatments (weather resistant) to truly give your space the “outdoor living room” feel.

7. Set up a space on the patio for an herb garden. Grab a plant box, soil, and a variety of herb seeds to grow your garden. Your meals will taste fresher with homegrown herbs and spices.

8. If an herb garden is too demanding, try a cacti planter.

9. A hanging lounge chair is a fun weekend DIY project. Best part is you can enjoy the chair for weekends to come!

10. If you have the space to fill, along with access to power tools, you can build your own modular patio furniture.

11. If you can believe it, an old bed frame can become a comfortable bench. Just be sure to add some weather resistant outdoor pillows for pizzazz and comfort.

12. Take a basic IKEA doormat from boring to jazzy with just a bit of fabric paint.

13. An outdoor rug can be a simple way to brighten up the space with color, while making it cozier, too.

14. A stack of portable cushions can become extra seating when friends stop by.

15. Give cheap patio furniture a much needed facelift with a can or two of outdoor spray paint.

These are just some ideas on how you can improve your outdoor space by making it yours! When you’re finally able to break in your new patio or balcony, stir up a cocktail, put your feet up, and enjoy your new outdoor space that fits to your style!

Source: http://renters.apartments.com/15-diy-projects-for-your-outdoor-space?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ls_weekly&frontdoor=email


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