7 Ways to Reduce Monthly Bills in Twenty Minutes or Less

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If you’ve been struggling with bills lately, you might want to consider ways to have them reduced. Unfortunately in today’s world, there’s hardly enough time to manage your career, tend to the kids and maintain a fulfilling relationship with your partner; so it’s far too easy to let monthly expenses fall through the cracks. If you’re pressed for time, here are seven ways to reduce your monthly bills in twenty minutes or less.

1. Call for a discount

One of the best and most unexplored ways to save money is to simply call and ask a representative if there are any available discounts or promotions. Service providers are aware of company reviews left by customers – especially on social networks – and rather reduce their prices than risk customers walking away. Ask to speak with customer service or billing to make your request. Be sure to mention your loyalty and patronage as well as the fact you can’t afford the high service charges. If you do, you may see a bill credit or $5-20 deduction on your next bill.

2. Switch to a competitor

Look into switching to a competitor if you can’t get a discount. Many service providers offer new customer/introductory offers to prospective customers, and the process to sign up takes only about twenty minutes to complete over the phone – or you can do it online. Check out the plans and find one that’s right for you. Don’t see a competitive price for a plan equivalent to the one you already have? Ask customer service if any other offers or discounts can be applied to reduce the cost.

3. Look into a home energy audit

While the audit itself may take more than twenty minutes, scheduling the appointment will not. Call your providers to see if they offer the service to customers. You may be surprised by the data technicians discover while auditing homes. He or she may make a recommendation to improve energy consumption, such as re-caulking the windows or replacing the AC filter.

4. Drop home telephone service

If you’re currently paying for a home phone service, you might be losing $600 a year in what could be savings. Start by asking yourself if you really need a home telephone. If you have good cell reception around your apartment, chances are you can get by with just a mobile phone.

5. Cancel cable

Movie and television streaming service providers like Netflix offer a large library of content for a very small fee. The libraries are constantly updated with hit movies and shows, and these providers are even producing their own shows (which are really good!).  Amazon Prime subscribers get to enjoy having their own movie/TV streaming service included.

6. Check Internet connection speed

While this won’t necessarily reduce your bill, it does ensure that you get the connection speed that which you’ve been paying for. Simply go to Speedtest.net and perform a test. Then, check your Internet plan to reassure you’re getting what you’ve been paying for. If there’s a significant discrepancy in speeds, call your provider and ask why.

Once your bills are reduced, total up your monthly savings and put that money toward credit card balances, emergency fund, nest egg or retirement savings. Conserving money is important, but using those savings to strengthen your financial future is even better.

What are some other ways to reduce your monthly bills? Let us know in the comment section!

– See more at: http://renters.apartments.com/7-ways-to-reduce-monthly-bills-in-twenty-minutes-or-less?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ls_weekly&frontdoor=email#sthash.rcsjBEFP.dpuf


Source: http://renters.apartments.com/7-ways-to-reduce-monthly-bills-in-twenty-minutes-or-less?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ls_weekly&frontdoor=email



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